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>> Terms of use
1. User must agree to these terms of use in order to use GearForFly system. Acceptance of these terms is required. These terms are occassionally updated and changed. User responsibility is to be familiar with these changes every time they submit an advertisement or buys something. The continued use of GearForFly system after the publication of changes means that the user agrees to the changes.

2. GearForFly is a system that connects buyers and sellers.

3. In order to register, user must fill all the required fields with real data. With acceptance of these terms user is required to act in accordance with these terms. Identifying as another person is criminal offense.

4. Each user of the system allows the use and processing of personal data given for the purpose of the system and for sending e-mails in accordance with 14th rule of these terms. GearForFly oblige to use this information only for the purpose for which it was obtained. GearForFly guarantees the privacy of personal data. Personal data will not be sent to third parties.

5. GearForFly, its administrators and owners are not responsible for the accuracy of the published advertisements and their content. The content of the advertisement, including images, links and text, is the sole responsibility of the person who submitted this advertisement.

6. By submitting an offer for a object of advertisement and with acceptance of this offer by the person who submitted the advertisement a contractual relationship is established between a seller and a buyer. All potential disputes arising from this relationship (accuracy of the advertisement, the content of advertisement, price, etc.) are solved exclusively between sellers and buyers. GearForFly does not bear any responsibility in the dispute between users.

7. User of the GearForFly system has responsibility for the accuracy of the content and images in advertisement. User shall not advertise counterfeit or stolen goods. In the case of a suspected crime, GearForFly will cooperate with the relevant authorities.

8. User shall not publish advertisements in other people's names without their's consent.

9. The advertisement shall contain specific information on the object of sale. The description must relate only to the object of sale. The advertisements shall not contain items or services, or anything that is not subject to direct sale.

10. Advertisement should be submitted to appropriate section.

11. User shall not submit more than one advertisement for the same item. Neither is allowed more than one advertisement in different sections.

12. The system administrator reserves the right to delete or to deny publishing of the advertisement if he considers that publishing would harm the system - decision about publishing is based solely on the administrator. Administrator also reserve the right to immediately delete the user from the system if the user violate these terms or otherwise harm the system. This decision is based solely on the administrator.

13. Users are responsible for the security of their passwords, which should be changed occasionally. GearForFly is not responsible for password abuse.

14. The user agrees to receive occasional e-mail, which is linked to the activities of GearForFly. This email may sometimes include commercial ads. The user can request to stop using his personal information permanently or temporarily with writing to the administrator. During this time the administrator freezes the user's registration (ie: the user will no longer be able to use the functions of the system intended only for registered users). Administrators of the GearForFly system are committed not to send user's e-mail address to to third parties.

15. Users agree that GearForFly can also publish their advertisement in other media for advertising purposes. GearForFly will not to publish any personal information in other media, but only advertisement content and link to a GearForFly page.

16. Copying and the use of any part of the GearForFly site, including any information provided by users is not permitted without prior written permission of the GearForFly site administrator.

17. The GearForFly users can only be contacted for the inquiry and information purposes. Advertising other services or products is not permitted.

18. Each user explicitly disclaims any right to receive compensation from the GearForFly administrators and its owners due to the above mentioned relationship between the seller and the buyer.

19. The GearForFly site administrators reserve the right to immediately delete the user from the system if he violates these terms or otherwise harm the GearForFly system.

20. The administrators and the owners of GearForFly are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any loss of profit resulting from interruption of access, deletion or failure to publish an advertisement, malfunctioning website. The content and functionality of this web site are offered 'as is', without any other guarantees. GearForFly, it's administrators and owners will not be liable for any damage that would result from the use or inability to use this web site, including the lost revenue or anticipated profit, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data, computer failure or malfunction, or other outstanding events.

21. The GearForFly administrator reserves the right to modify the functionality and user experience. GearForFly does not guarantee that the user can access theeir's advertisement when they expire. It is therefore recommended that the user himself save advertisement content and pictures if they will want to use it later in some other context.

22.The GearForFly administrator reserves the right to alter these terms without prior notice. Any use of the system after changes are published constitutes consent to these changes.
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