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NOVA Mentor 4

Mentor 4
Cen: B
Dhv: DHV 1-2
Size: Small
Year: 2015
Take off weight from: 80 kg
Take off weight to: 100 kg
Price: 999 EUR
Seller: jogef
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The MENTOR 4 is a paraglider with impressive performance which has in the hands of an experienced pilot a very manageable handling flight behaviour. Flying the MENTOR 4 does require a degree of skill. Although certified as EN B, the MENTOR 4 is not suitable for beginners and occasional pilots.

Date of Manufacture: 2015

Glider size: Small 80-100kg

Service info: Nova Trim Tuning on 05/2016.
Full service on 05/2018 with next check due date on 05/2020.

Last service Check Details: The fabric is thus as new.
Trim Tuning. Line strength check.

Usage: Used for XC flying only. No S.I.V., never landed in water or flown in the rain, no acro, no beach flying, no ground handling, no dune flying and always kept in concertina bag with care. Glider has 8 hours since the last service.

Included: Glider, inner bag, strap, glider user manual, patch repair kit, Service check Document.

Defects: No Defects or repairs, only one small patch (see last picture)

Price: 999€ + 39€ shipping in EU with tracking

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