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NIVIUK Takoo 2 + Harness

Takoo 2 + Harness
Cen: B
Dhv: DHV 1-2
Afnor: standard
Size: 42
Year: 2012
Take off weight from: 130 kg
Take off weight to: 220 kg
Price: 1250 EUR
Seller: Pigmanus
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I'm selling my Tandem kit, as I use it very rare nowdays. In this season it had 3 flights only. :(

Glider: Niviuk Takoo 2 42 ~130 hours private use. 4 patches on the canopy. Otherwise in good condition. With valid Hungarian check (Porosity, lines, trim, cloth strength made in 2017 January) With the original Niviuk backpack.
Pilot Harness: Charly Duplex L with pinlock carabiners, it has about 20 hours, no damage/repair. Like new.
Spreaders: Skywalk it has about 20 hours, bought in 2016. Like new. With carabiners and mailons for reserve.
Reserve: There is a reserve in the harness with 160kg max load from 2001. Refolded in 2017 January during the check. But it's older than 10 years, so probably you will need to buy a new one.

Full kit price (for everything listed above): 1250EUR

The only missing thing is the passenger harness, but I can give you a Sup Air Altirando XP L for 200EUR extra (3.5kg).

You can find most of my flights with this glider here:

More pictures and info by email.
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